Thursday, 29 October 2015

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Nancy Meyers makes comfort food cinema. It’s a particular skill few share in the industry, but she’s forged a career blending domestic fantasy with tender emotions, guiding efforts such as “It’s Complicated,” “The Holiday,” and “Something’s Gotta Give.” She does one thing and she does it relatively well, always at her best when character comes before contrivance.Download The Intern movie DVD CAM, “The Intern” enjoys a rough tonality of high comedy and grim drama, but Meyers steadies the picture with an enjoyable script that’s most interesting when playful, while lead performances from Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway are lively and open for inspection. “The Intern” gets a little strange at times, but it’s a sturdy creation that carries a little more personality than many might be expecting.

At 70 years old, Ben (Robert De Niro) is widowed, retired, and missing routine from his life. He’s lost without work, motivating him to apply for a senior internship with an online clothier, soon paired with its high-strung CEO, Jules (Anne Hathaway). Ben isn’t tech savvy, but he understands the demands of workplace respect and patience, providing unlikely support for Jules that disarms her, soon welcoming the friendly and knowledgeable man into her life,Download The Intern movie all quality, greeting husband Matt (Anders Holm) and daughter Paige (JoJo Kushner). While Jules warms up to her unusual intern, she faces a professional crisis that threatens her position of power, urging Ben to step up his assistance during a volatile time in her life, with the pair becoming fast friends as Jules begins to rely on the older man’s experience.

Meyers doesn’t color outside the lines with “The Intern,” once again welcoming audiences to lives of privilege and opportunity, set in a gloriously autumnal New York City. Aging also plays an important role in the story, greeting Ben during a particularly empty time in his life, trying to make it through retirement alone, but he’s unable to find a routine that’s satisfying. Achieving the e-retailer internship, Ben is faced with a generation gap he’s only slightly prepared for,Download The Intern movie in DVD, situated alongside twentysomethings who know instinctively how to turn on a laptop. However, the 70-year-old employee has advantages in patience and knowledge, winning over Jules with displays of office motivation and crisis management, while befriending the young men of the company, who look to Ben for advice on women, style, and housing.

The workplace comedy aspects of “The Intern” support its strongest moments, watching Ben take command of his position, keeping Jules level with his sharp instincts. Your mileage may vary on sizable laughs, but De Niro arrives prepared to play a workhorse surrounded by softer millennials, though Meyers doesn’t transform the picture into generational antagonism.Download The Intern Movie HD, Instead, she builds an employee bond, highlighting Ben’s influence on younger lives while his own loneliness is alleviated by Fiona (Rene Russo), the company masseuse who takes an immediate shine to the intern, though the promising subplot is shaved down to almost nothing. Meyers manages a pressurized environment in the office, offering Ben opportunities to prove himself while Jules faces a demotion in her own company, with her workaholic ways pushing her into a position where she’s forced to consider a replacement. “The Intern” has momentum, timing, and ace performances during its first half, making the most of Hathaway and De Niro’s surprising chemistry.

Meyers eventually abandons the office to concentrate on matters of the heart, putting unexpected emphasis on Jules’s marriage, which has been sacrificed to a degree by her addiction to stress. There are fascinating ideas here on female empowerment and stay-at-home fathering, but the script brushes away complexity to indulge in a few soap opera-esque reveals, undermining brave characterization. Some broad mischief also throttles the feature, including a scene where Ben and his fellow interns are tasked with breaking into a house to steal a laptop, turning the quest into an “Ocean’s Eleven” sequel.Download The Intern Movie On DVD, Suddenly, “The Intern” is a dismal Comedy Central pilot.Despite Meyers being easily distracted and tone deaf at times, “The Intern” emerges with some sense of compassion, celebrating a strong female in the captain’s chair and the power of friendship (mercifully, there’s never a romantic moment between Jules and Ben). It’s a mild film, as Meyers has no interest in anything beyond a hug, but “The Intern” powers itself on charisma, allowing the stars to carry the picture and maintain its emotional sincerity.

Why do we all hate Anne Hathaway again? I forget. Anyway, here we have her latest work alongside the master of acting, Robert De Niro. In this uncommon feature we have Anne Hathaway playing an annoying 30-something who has established her own online clothing website and tackles balancing her business life with her personal life. We’ve seen this trope before, however, the spin on is that the company Anne Hathaway started decided to do a Senior Internship initiative,Download The Intern Movie – High Definition, this is where Robert De Niro enters.On the surface, this film could be mistaken for a chic-flick or yet another story about the struggles of being a woman but they deliberately use the cliché to mock it, sort of. They use that premise to discuss men, for a change. This kind of marketing shoots itself in the foot, the audience this film will draw is women but the audience who need to see it are men.

We’ve discussed loads about diversity in films here on Third Act. This film offers a counter argument to the current discussion. That discussion being empowering women; with women being told to be empowered where does that lead men? Boo hoo I may hear you cry, but it’s a valid conversation to have. What does it mean to be a man these days? Have men gone the wrong path or are men creating something new? I commend this film for bringing a discussion like this up, which is surprising not covered that much in film in recent years; are men being forgotten?Less about men, more about the movie. Another highlight of this sweet film is the music. The music is glorious.Watch The Intern Online, They use either string quartet or piano music throughout and it only adds to the already established charm created by Robert De Niro.Robert De Niro is the king. He has yet again proven why he will always be in the discussion as to who is the best actor of all time. He has such a huge repertoire of different films. Many great actors can do particular roles perfectly, De Niro is the chameleon, he is the shape-shifter, the greatest liar, the magician of behaviour, the painter of physical emotion, the don of acting (okay, calm down James). The super-heavy weight champion of acting however does show quite clearly the level of talent of the rest of the cast. The role De Niro plays seems easy, whilst everyone else is trying their very best to keep up.

This film is about Robert De Niro, slightly about Anne Hathaway and that’s about it. However, De Niro can only do so much. Pacing goes off a bit towards the end and certain scenes feel out-of-place. There’s a peculiar heist sequence in the third quarter which doesn’t fit or achieve anything for example. The film could have done with more emotional scenes or deeper discussion on the topic of men and women’s roles in today’s society. The scenes that were intended to send an emotional punch at the audience fell short and felt more like an abstruse pat on the ear (yes, you heard me right).The ending of the film drops the quality of the film by a reasonable margin. Nothing is actually resolved, no answers given. In fact, in a seemingly happy story all the characters end up worse off then how they began.Download The Intern Movie, Normally I love this type of thing, I love unexpected and unhappy endings. However, the film doesn’t present it as so. They expect the audience to believe all the characters are ending up better off.Ultimately, this film is a reminder. It’s a post-it note on our wardrobes reminding us to carry a handkerchief for when women cry. It’s a message in the condensation of the bathroom mirror saying “don’t forget to shave everyday!” This film comes off oddly refreshing after having a barrage of female-empowering bulletins shouted out through most mediums. It’s a shame the ending wasn’t as thought out as the premise of the film. As women have changed so much over recent years, where does that leave men? It’s an interesting question that this film doesn’t necessarily answer but brings attention to it.